A Dollar Today - A Life Changed

If you had the power to change someone’s life, would you? Now’s your chance. Your generosity can support mentoring relationships and help our communities flourish.

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A Dollar Today – A Life Changed

Mentoring can help people find their way forward and unlock potential they never knew they had. When Michael met his mentor, Lyle, he was struggling. Lyle helped Michael gain confidence and ambition, ultimately directing him toward a more productive future. (see video below)

Unfortunately, many well-run mentoring programs struggle to find mentors like Lyle, which is why MentorPrize was founded. With your generosity, we can create more stories like Michael and Lyle's.

MentorPrize recruits mentors for non-profit groups in the Greater Washington, D.C. area that offer quality mentoring programs. Visiting corporations, religious institutions, volunteer fairs and community events, MentorPrize effectively recruits potential mentors.

Truly believing in the transformative power of mentoring relationships, MentorPrize does all of this at no charge. That's why every donation – no matter the size – helps.